The site has been modified. Now the rating of the games is shown by 5 stars. The main page contains 3 latest games from each category. 3 game series have been removed and 3 new ones have been added. The new series are: Sue, El Tigre and The Simpsons
Caravaneer version 1.15 is out now. Improvements made:
  • Better "Distribute Ammo" algorithm.
  • Easier return from "Bunker" mission.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.
More bugs are fixed in Caravaneer version 1.13

Thanks to everyone who has reported bugs and helped improving the game.

Apart from the fixed bugs, in version 1.13 experience affects AP much stronger than in previous versions and the screen is moved faster when the arrow keys are used.

Caravaneer 1.1 is released. Apart from the fixed bugs, the new version has a number of new features:
  • There's an option to change the speed of the battle.
  • People's AP and Strength are affected by experience.
  • There's a mini menu in the battle mode, where you can change the speed, turn sound effects on or off and exit the game.
  • Health and AP have graphical meters in the battle mode.
  • The battle mode view area can be moved with the arrow keys.
  • Different categories of rifles have different sounds
  • Battle mode backgrounds have more details
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Caravaneer version 1.06 is out now. In this version there are no moonwalking invincible enemies and an improved personal cargo algorithm. Bunker battle has also been changed. Hopefully, it will not freeze anymore.
Caravaneer version 1.04 & version 1.05:

Bugs fixed:
- Goods with undefined amount and high prices.
- Town wealth anomaly.
- Items that disappeared from shops.
- Freezing bazooka shooters in the final battle.
Caravaneer version 1.03 is out now. There was a bug that made certain items disappear when you used them in a battle or tried to remove them. This bug is fixed in this version. There may be more bugs, but it seems like finally, the game is playable.
Caravaneer version 1.02 has been released. This version has all Save/Load bugs fixed, so you can save and load without losing any information. However, if you have saved a game in 1.01 or an earlier version, you may keep having the same problems if you load it in version 1.02.

Please feel free to contact regarding any additional bugs.
The new game has finally been released. Its name is Caravaneer and it's an RPG game with step-by-step battles where you earn money transporting goods between different towns in a post-apocalyptic desert. The game is extremely realistic and you need to take care of thousands of things.
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or here to play it now.
10 new game series have been added to the Game Series category: Spider-Man, CatScratch, Heli Attack, Submachine, Charlotte's Web, Drakojan Skies, Nacho Libre, A.L.I.A.S., Stinky Bean and The Squirrel Family.
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