"Submit a Game" page has been removed due to enormous amount of spam received through "Submit a Game" form. If you want to submit a game, please fill up the contact form leaving a link to your game or your contact e-mail. has a new feature: Sugar-Free-Games Mini Chat. From now on you can chat with other visitors while playing games or from the home page of the site.
10 new game series have been added:

Looney Tunes

Tom and Jerry

The Powerpuff Girls

Kids Next Door

Harry Potter

The Flintstones


The Smurfs

The Incredibles

The main page of has been a little bit changed. There's no more "Game of the Week" category. It was replaced by "Hot Games" category that contains 4 most popular new games. wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We have released a Christmas game where you need to help Santa get from the chimney to the fireplace connecting them with a sort of pipeline. The game's name is Santa's Chimney Trouble. Click here or on the image to play Santa's Chimney Trouble.
A game called 13 Guardians has been released. In this game you are fighting other warriors using your sword and your magic. You get a number of tiles that represent different moves and must use them smartly do defeat your opponent. You can improve skills and buy items in the end of each level. Click here to play 13 Guardians.
The third game from Anti-Games series has been released. This one is called Anti-Match3 and it's about not letting the computer win a Match Three game, filling the empty lines it creates. Click here to play Anti-Match3. has stepped up its comments moderation policy. From now on use of explicit language in game comments is strictly prohibited. All comments that contain such language will be deleted. We apologize for possible erroneous deletions of comments that do not fall under this category.
The second game from Anti-Games series has been released. The new game is called Anti-TD. It's opposite to Tower Defense games. Instead of building towers and killing enemy units, you build units and make them pass through enemy towers. Click here to play this game now.
A new game has been released. The game's name is Anti-Pacman and it's contrary to Pacman game. You must not let Pacman complete the level. You control the ghosts and must catch him before he eats all the dots.
Click here or on the icon to the left to play Anti-Pacman game.
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