The new design is finally here.

Tomorrow, December 16th,'s design will be changed which may make the site temporally unavailable or cause technical problems. The procedure is not supposed to take more than half an hour, so if the site doesn't work, please come back a bit later.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dear Sugar-Free-Games Mini Chat users,

Because of irresponsible behavior of some of the moderators, many people got unfairly banned in the last few days. If you are one of these people, please enter Sugar-Free-Games Mini Chat today and you'll get automatically unbanned.

Please remember that the amnesty is only valid for today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dear visitors,
The site has just moved to a new server. We hope that the migration didn't cause you many problems and that from now on you'll enjoy a faster and a more stable connection. We're also working on a new version of that will have a different design and will include some new features. The release of the new version is planned for the beginning of December.
Sugar-Free-Games Mini Chat has been fixed and is now compatible with all versions of Flash Player. If you keep having problems with the chat you may need to delete temporary internet files in your browser's options and refresh the page with the chat. has migrated to a new server. Most of the features are working, but there's a little problem with the chat. You can log in as a guest, but can't use your registered account. It's a technical problem we are working on. We hope to fix it soon. Meanwhile, please access the chat as guests. will be moving to a new server this week. Temporary technical problems may occur, some of your posts and chat registrations may be lost and probably there will not be any new games for a couple of days

We apologize for the inconvenience.
A new version of Sugar-Free-Games Mini Chat is out now. The new version works much faster, has a better interface and some additional features. We hope you enjoy it.
The next week (10-15 Mar) we will be upgrading server which means that there will be periods when will work badly or will not work at all. We do it to improve the site's performance and apologize for the inconvenience.

There's a new category at Food/Cooking Games.

Table Games category has been removed. Billiards moved to Sports Games and the rest of the table games to Puzzle Games

category. has released a new game called Boys vs. Girls. In this game you need to protect you gender from the members of the opposite sex. This is a horizontal scroller action game. You walk left and right, jump and crouch with the keyboard and aim and shoot with the mouse. After each level there's a bonus game. Bonus games are different for boys and for girls. There's a total score competition in the top score table. Submit your score and increase your gender's total to make it overcome the one of the opposite sex. Click here or on the picture to the left to play the game now.
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