Caravaneer 2 has been officially released. You can play the final version at
Caravaneer now has an official page. Please visit it at
Caravaneer 2 crowdfunding campaign closes in 48 hours. This is the last call for claiming one of the remaining perks and helping improve the project. Please visit the page below for more details:

Caravaneer 2 Crowdfunding Campaign
Dear SFG players, Caravaneer 2 crowdfunding campaign is close to its end and we still need more than $1000 to reach our goal. Please consider donating some money in exchange for some great perks you'll find at Thank you in advance

Dear Sugar Free Games users, we have just started Caravaneer 2 crowdfunding campaign. Please take a look at the crowdfunding page ( and see if you are interested in one of the perks.
Dear SFG users, We've had some security problems lately. Somebody tried to hack the site. We have closed the loophole this person was using, but it's possible that he has the list of passwords. We apologize for the happening and kindly ask you to change your password as soon as possible.
Sugar Free Games has got a sister site Games of Honor. It's a site for games of specific genres such as strategy, RPG and similar. Some of the games are taken from Sugar-Free-Games, but there are different ones too. We have also released the first game for the new site. The name is Ad Bellvm. You may have seen it on SFG, but if you want to enable the special features, play Ad Bellvm on Games of
We're about to start working on the second part of Caravaneer. One of the first steps we took was opening a Facebook page for the game where you can share your ideas, offer your help or just discuss Caravaneer with other fans. Click here to visit the page now.
SFG Pool used to have problems in multiplayer mode. These problems have been solved. The game is totally stable and works all the time now. We once again apologize for losing the user data and ask you to register anew if your old account was lost.
We're very sorry to inform you that due to the technical problems the entire user database, including chat and SFG Pool users has been permanantly lost, which means that you cannot acces your accounts opened prior to today. You'll have to open a new account and start from zero. We appologize for this and promise to make everything possible to prevent it from happening again.
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