Genre: Shooting
Added: 28-Apr-07
Played: 13,113 times
Rating: 0.00
This is an excellent shooting game where you need to fight zombies. You have a barricade and zombies can not get too close, but they will try and break the barricade. You must shoot them before they do it because without tha barricade you're quite defenseless. Use your mouse to aim and shoot, A - S - D - W keys to move and Space to switch weapons (you have several ones). When the night is over, zombies go back to their graves and you have some time for maintenance. You can distribute the time you have to repair the barikade, search for new weapons and search for survivors that may help you with your fight.
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Flip ()
I'm quite pelsaed with the information in this one. TY!

stan b ()
i hate this game.

cnguy ()
i love this game,its cool, hunting gun is the best gun

bvjhf ()
g hfduihbfunbjfbn

red ()
i love good shooter games and rpg gams. it and amazing game

blackhoodsociety ()
a beret is basically the strongest sniper rifle to date a beretta is a pretty weak pistol

chinck boy ()
this is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

xXx ()
whats a barret some one pls answer

T?j? ()
Adoro Este jogo!!! muito fixe Continuem a fazer jogos deste tipo

SaM ()
i want more day....i would like to enjoy the barret and different enemies(for example zombies who explode when they reach the fence because they wear dinamite)

blonder ()
Correction : With the "barrett" yo shoot them in pieces and you can stand for 300 days !

blonder ()
Super game ! 20 days no problem. Hunting rifle and chain saw...for me, best combination.

Guest ()
Nikolai, if u survived the 20th day, u finished the game..

Nikolai ()
asome game but it gets stuke on the 20 Day any body reached that much days if yes reply

Colonel Chase ()
Great Game Love the Barrett 50Cal

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