Genre: Food / Cooking
Added: 14-Jan-11
Played: 31,482 times
Rating: 8.05
This is an excellent burger making game. The game area is divided in 3 parts. You need to make burgers according to the clients orders you receive in the orders area. Each burger requires at least one grilled burger meat which is made in the grill area. Finally, you need to mount the burger using all required ingredients in the required order. This is done in the building area. Pass the game's tutorial to learn more specific details you need to know to play this game well.
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crorkservice ()
Mco4BB Thanks again for the blog post.Really thank you!

moxy ()
i think this is a cool but wird and educated game

casey ()
i think i like this game because it teaches you how to be a watress.

casey ()
i really like this game. i change my mind.

casey ()
i think this game is a weird stupid game.

casey ()
every time i make a perfect burger,they will still judge the darn burgers.i be getting so mad and they be getting so mad they dont give me money back and i dont give them there money thet was supoes to get back! pay for you burger. it still count.

casey ()
i love this game! i played it before and it is easy.

Shivang Goley ()
Superb!! Nice game And its my favorite!!!!!

alexis ()
wow easy game

Dopest Bieber ()
Ohh nvm .-.

Dopest Bieber ()
Nice & wtf -.-

Dopest Bieber ()
Love its so cool but later it gets boring .-. but yee :D

Dopest Bieber ()
Yee lol.

ItsMyWay. ()

miss-lyri-gleek ()
OMG your guys are so right this game has dragged me to the burning depths of boredom

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