Genre: Skill / Simulation
Added: 4-Nov-09
Played: 7,309 times
Rating: 0.00
This is quite a weird game. There are several hanged men in every level. Each one has his health bar that must not reach zero or the guy dies. Your goal is to hit the rope the men are hanged on with a bow. Click on the bow and drag the mouse in the direction opposite to the shot. The farther you drag, the stronger will be the shot.

Fake Chanel Handbag ()
I've been operating my stuff since 2007 and I am not about to stop. The government is 5 years too late. So sad, too bad.

Mia Elizabeth ()
i keep hitting the other head ;]

Sean :) ()
i keep hitting the dude's head! btw, the head with the face ok? xD

[: Sean ()
lol blehh yu charles ! imma kidnap savannah! nd yea, yu luk like the arrow ._.

Charles v2.11 Rocks ()
I beat the gameeeee =] seanie looks like the guy when you dont save them in time xD

Sean :] ()
charles luks like the hanging guy xD

[[YouBeMyOnly]] ()
lol nice

phoebe801 ()
this game is stupid u cant see the mouse

CharlesRocks123 ()
haha very good game

DTR ()
Very good game. Levels seem impossible, but they are not.

Sorinel Desteptul ()
Nice game.

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