Genre: Food / Cooking
Added: 30-May-09
Played: 14,534 times
Rating: 8.00
In this game you must make Pancakes and sell them to your customers. To make pancakes, first get some batter and place it on the pan in the form you need. Then when its ready, you can place it on table and pour some jam onto pancake. And finally give the pancake to the customer and take the money. You can prepare more pancakes and place them on table before customer even orders anything.

bell ()
oh......... this game is cool and i finished it its no tyhat hard :) lol

KaRaN... ()

Jemjem ()
awesome game but in the second place to go and sell pancakes it got toooo hard so it quitted!!!! lol

hq ()
zzzzzzzzz.....uh.. what am i losing to bad i,ll play for a little zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Gamers ()
This game is so slow as I said before, that I now play it over and over again, just to relax and destress. You don't have to think to play this game, you just fill the customers order. Action not thought.

laylalicious ()
I acully liked this game but really;;its kinda boring

Gamers ()
This game took so long to play, because it was so slow! Everything moved in slow motion. Snore!

no name ()
it's a good game but it's a little boring......

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